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August 6, 2015 John Calvo

The Greatest Show on Earth with Aleta Borja


With a starring role in Shiro's Head and numerous appearances in print and TV, some might argue she is overexposed. All we have to say is you ain't seen nothing yet. Introducing Aleta Borja as you've never seen her before.


Art Direction by Jesus Viceñte |  Photography by Mark Nicdao

Styling by Bea Constantino  |  Makeup by Jen Delica | Hair by Tot Tangco

Production Manager Raffy Tesoro |  Shoot Producer Allan Altera



“Me? ...Sure. I’m decent”

Rita Hayworth in Gilda, directed by Charles Vidor, 1946


When some people think of Gilda, they remember a film that symbolized the kind of sexual morality that prevailed during the post-War era. We, on the other hand, remember Rita Hayworth - the girl who evolved from classic pin-up girl, to veritable bombshell. As Gilda, Hayworth is the quintessential femme fatale who teases men with her flawless shoulders and glamorous hair. And when every word that escapes her lips is a sexually charged innuendo, Gilda is always at her trampy, amorous best.if you like... women with devilish predatory charms, then you can’t overlook Jane Greer, who played the elusive Kathie Moffett with the Mona Lisa smile in Out of the Past and Ava Gardner, the manipulative brunette from The Killers. If cartoons are more your fancy, Jessica Rabbit is essentially the animated version of Gilda.


Aleta On Sex Appeal “I feel the sexiest when I’m done with an intense workout and dripping with sweat. When it comes to a strip tease, well, I’ll keep that information private.” [winks]




“I think you’re so sexy.

Will you come to me?”

Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, by Amy Heckerling, 1982



Probably the finest example of an 80’s teen sex comedy, Fast Times follows a single school year in the lives of Ridgemont High students. The big moment is when a very nubile Phoebe Cates performs the most memorable bikini top drop of all time, revealed to be a fantasy sequence when Judge Reinhold literally gets caught with his pants down. Oops.


If You Like... the always-alluring contrast between naughty and nice, then check out, well, all the girls in Cruel Intentions. However, it’s in the first American Pie that the Fast Times spirit prevails as we watch Jason Biggs embarrass himself in front of the topless Shannon Elizabeth while the whole school watches on the Internet.


Aleta On Schoolgirl Crushing “I still remember my intermediate school crush like it was just yesterday. I’m still crushing on him.”




“When you give up your dream, you die”

Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, by Adrian Lyne, 1983



By day, Alex Owens is the world’s hottest steel mill worker and by night, a dancer at a tavern called Mawby’s where one finds Vegas style quality dance numbers, without the stripping. Her ambition is to learn professional ballet at a prestigious dance school. That means an erotic workout session, a gravity defying dance audition and the lovely Jennifer Beals in a translucent wet top. Flashdance is essentially a chick flick done in the manner of Red Shoe Diaries. Why don’t they make them like this anymore?


If You Like This, Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing will show you the time of your life, while Jessica Alba in Honey sweats it out hip-hop style.


Aleta On Dancing “I LOVE to dance! I will dance all night long and most men can’t keep up. I’ll dance just about anywhere! As for lap dancing, I plead the fifth.”




“You look one hundred percent

better when I can’t see you”

Sue Lyons in Lolita, by Stanley Kubrick, 1962



Lolita. So notorious is the 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov that its very title conjures the image of a precocious young girl and her dirty old man of a suitor. The movie version dances around MPAA restrictions by expressing those illicit feelings as suggestive imagery. The result? We feel dirty just watching 14- year old Sue Lyons drink a soda pop. It’s just too bad we normally like that feeling.


If You Like This... then you might relate to the fantasy of a provocative cheerleading performance by Mena Suvari in American Beauty. Others might be more comfortable ogling Katherine Heigl in My Father the Hero.


Aleta On Growing Up Sexy “As a teenager, I NEVER felt ‘sexy’! Growing up, Ialways felt like the weird girl.”





“Girlie, tough ain’t enough”

Clint Eastwood to Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby, by Clint Eastwood, 2004



Everybody likes to see a girl sweat it out, and in Million Dollar Baby we get Maggie Fitzgerald, an aspiring boxer who dishes knockout punches while sporting a Lara Croft-style hair braid. With her lean, athletic body, Hilary Swank puts on a good show as she battles her way to the top. Not even the tragic ending can take away from the sex appeal of watching her deck one opponent after another.


If You Like This... then you’ll probably dig Michelle Rodriguez, who was muy caliente in Girlfight and Kate Bosworth, the surf kitten from Blue Crush


Aleta On Growing Up Sexy “I am a tomboy at heart! I grew up playing soccer and running track. [I’m at my most confident] when I’ve just finished a great workout.”




“So, what would you little

maniacs like to do first?”

Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science, by John Hughes, 19854



In a dazzling display of Hollywood science, two nerds use computer power to create the magical girlfriend of their dreams in the form of Lisa. More big sister genie than fantasy sexpot, Lisa uses improbable superpowers to teach the boys how to dress better, stand up to their tormentors and basically upgrade their social standing. Of course, you never had a big sister who made you breakfast in a cutoff shirt and panties.


If You Like This...  women who inhabit the realm of fantasy with a touch of the big sister to them, then you probably remember  Elizabeth Hurley, the mischievous yet likeable temptress from Bedazzled.


Aleta On Being The Big Sister “Some of the funniest big sister moments I’ve had are when I would over hear my little brother’s friends ask, ‘Dude, that’s YOUR big sister?’””




“This is Ripley, last survivor

of the Nostromo, signing off”

Sigourney Weaver in Alien, by Ridley Scott, 1979



Ridley Scott’s claustrophobic masterpiece introduced Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, an officer aboard a commercial space freighter whose crew gets methodically slaughtered by a very irritable, insect-like alien. Sexy by virtue of her sheer confidence, Ripley is a self-reliant woman who seems to get tougher with each aciddripping, mouth extending sequel. Our favorite moment in Alien is when Ripley strips down to her lingerie and engages in a tense and drawn out face-to-face confrontation with the extraterrestrial predator. And if you think we like this scene because of the action sequence, you’d be wrong.


If You Like This... your action girl somewhat butch, then slightly unstable Sarah Connor in her gun-toting knife-wielding incarnation from Terminator 2: Judgment Day probably strikes your fancy. If you prefer the supermodel commando, then psionically gifted Alice from the Resident Evil series of films is more your type.


Aleta On Confidence And Taking Charge “I take charge all the time, as needed. I’m not afraid to take the lead.”




“— Be careful señorita, there

are dangerous men about.

— Well if you see one, be sure

to point him out ””

Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Mask of Zorro, by Martin Campbell, 1998



This slick update of the original swashbuckling masked swordsman introduces the eye-catching Elena, a Spanish hottie played by the Welsh vixen Catherine Zeta-Jones (Welsh, Spanish, what’s the difference?). Despite being a competent fencer, Elena’s attempt to match blades with Zorro ends up with her being skillfully disrobed by his blade, leaving her upper assets concealed solely by her Godivalike locks. Real classy, Zorro.


If You Like This.. women who can buckle their swash as well as their men, then take a look at Elizabeth Swann, from Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy who makes her waistcoat and breeches look as sexy as corsets and negligee.


Aleta On Standing Up To The Men “I can be very passionate and when I hold my ground, I buckle for no one, men included. I’ve slapped a guy or two and they definitely deserved it!”



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