Uno Cover Girl - Siera Robertson

March 7, 2016 John Calvo


Statuesque Miss Guam world Siera Robertson took time out from her hectic schedule and jetted in to sunny Manila for a quick photo shoot before flying off to chilly London to join over 100 other international candidates at the famed beauty pageant.

Words by Teddy Dario | Photography by Doc Marlon Pecjo
Styling by Juliet and Mimi Tan  | Hair by Vianney Guese
Makeup by Jigs Mayuga | Makeup assistant: Anacleta Paredes 


Calm  and composed while sashaying into the cozy confines of the chic and brand-new Prive in Manila’s Fort Bonifacio entertainment district where we shot this gorgeous pictorial, Siera belies her youth. Only 21, this 5’ 8 1/2” stunner was blooming despite the furnace-like, mid-morning temperatures hovering outside the plush lounge. Always cheerful and positive about possibilities, Siera sat down with us and talked about her future plans as Miss Guam World 2011 and what else interests her outside the glamorous world of a beauty queen.


Were you always interested in becoming a beauty queen? What made you decide to join the Miss 
Guam World pageant?

I’ve watched the pageants on TV from time to time but I never thought that I would actually be in one. The opportunity arose and I decided to just go for it. It’s another experience in life to take a wack at. I turned out to be a little lucky!

What do you think of the criticism of beauty pageants as degrading to women and exploitative?

What isn’t being criticized these days? Beauty pageants are far less degrading and exploitative than lots of other things in this world. Personally, I have never felt degraded or exploited by participating in them. I think it helps build a person in a way. You get to travel, meet lots of people and learn some of your weaknesses and strengths. Also, how to market yourself, which everybody, beauty queen or not, has to do anyway.


I’ve been able to go to Vietnam and London just to be the face of Guam, and have met so many girls just like me. It’s not a lifetime career; it’s a once in a lifetime experience. So why knock it down? To each his own, I say. Some people don’t mind getting up on the stage. Honestly, things can get political on the international level. But at the end of the day, it is a business.


And as long as there are millions of viewers tuning in, the show will go on. It has its ups and its downs, just like everything else, but with the current state of many economies and influences coming from music, movies and television, I wouldn’t worry about the affects of beauty pageants.

What’s your typical day like?

My typical day would include school, work and everything else that pops up in between. Some days, I can’t catch a break. Other days, I’ll have time to do just about anything I feel like doing. It’s good to stay busy though. 


Are you involved with any charities? How do you help these groups?

The charity I am currently involved with is the charity I chose to help during the local competition. It’s the Salvation Army, which I recently found out that I am able to be a member of the board! I plan on helping with the events they have coming up, especially during the holidays. They also tutor kids every month which is another thing I want to take part in. Kids have such curious minds and some of the funniest comments.


Do you come from a close-knit family? Any memorable experiences while growing up?

I come from a really close-knit family. I live with my mom, but my grandparents are like my second parents. I also have my great-grandmother that I visit very often. I have so many memories. I was an active kid; I always wanted to be outside. I still have some scars on my body that tell stories. 


What do you love to do during your spare time?

I do different things during my spare time. I’m not too much of a planner when it comes to things like this, so I never know what I’m doing until I am actually doing it. I can’t road trip here in Guam or anything like that, so I like to go to the beach, movies, and just hang out with my friends.

Are you more of an outdoors girl or city girl?

I’d say I’m both. I like going outdoors hiking or being at the beach. I also really enjoy being in big cities where the lifestyle is different.


How do you unwind after a long, stressful day? Do you hit the bars or clubs?

After a long stressful day, I usually unwind by starting off with a nap! Then maybe go out and paint the town red or keep it low-key.

What do you look for in a guy?

Sometimes I like the shy guy and sometimes I like the really outgoing guy. I like someone who can make me laugh and keep me on my toes. It really just depends on the person and the vibe I’m feeling overall.


Where would you spend your dream honeymoon?

I’d spend my dream honeymoon anywhere my dream guy wants to be. We can be on an island, in the city, in the country. I’ll have a great time whatever I do. But I’m sure I won’t be honeymooning for a while.

If this was your last day on earth, how would you spend the last 24 hours?

If it were my last day on earth, I’d probably spend it with the people I love most. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as I’m with them. But if it were my last day on earth and I wasn’t in Guam or with my family, I’d be going crazy doing all the things I’ve never done!

What do you plan to do after your reign as Miss Guam World 2011?

I definitely plan on catching up with school and finally finishing either here in Guam or elsewhere. My plans always change, so we’ll just have to see when the time comes. Everytime I am on a roll with school, things come up where I have to sacrifice a couple classes here and there, so getting back on track is a priority. I’m still young; there is a whole lot I can do when Miss Guam World is over. Wherever life takes me!

What else do you want to accomplish in life?

I want to travel the world and do whatever makes me happy and stable. Life’s too short. We should try to do as much as we can.

What did you think of your shoot and how was your stay in Manila?

I stayed in Manila for almost a week before I headed straight to London. The shoot was fun. Doc was a really fun photographer and easy to work with. He gave good direction. I always enjoy coming to Manila, and this time I had a blast. I even got to meet one of the Black Eyed Peas!

Any words of inspiration for people who want to follow in your footsteps as a model and beauty queen?

I laugh when I think of myself as either of the two. Just be yourself and don’t take yourself way too seriously. Work on your weaknesses and just live.  

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