Uno Cover Girl - Kate Kikuchi

March 7, 2016 John Calvo

Uptown Girl

Five-foot-seven-inch Kate Kikuchi has been turning heads as a fashion model. More so now after  representing Guam in the recent Super Model of Asia Pacific International Modeling Competition in India where she  got the best in swimsuit award. We recently caught up with her for a pictorial at the opus restaurant & lounge, resorts world manila. A luxury, we dare say, we can afford.

Words by Alex A. Gatpanda | Photography by Doc Marlon Pecjo
Styling by Patrick Galang  | Makeup by Jigs Mayuga
Hair by Bren Sales 
Location: Opus Restaurant & Lounge, Resorts World Manila



Luxury, for Kate, is being worry-free on just about anything, with everything she needs and wants right at her fingertips. We can’t say we don’t want to grant our cover model all the luxurious things in the world if we have the power to do so. Kate is a Capricorn, born on December 28. She is currently taking up a real estate licensing course at the National Institute of Continuing Education. In between, she does fashion modeling locally and abroad. We got a glimpse of her in a previous issue. Now, here she is, our main feature. Let’s get to know her a little more, in her own words.



When you are not jet setting to some exotic location for fashion shoots, where do you usually stay and hang out?

My apartment, the beach, Ross [Dress for Less, which for the uninitiated, is one of the most popular shopping havens in Guam].


What’s your favorite food and drink?

I really love Korean, Japanese (especially tonkatsu and sushi), Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and of course the food of our island! Shrimp and Beef Kelaguen would be at the top of my list. I have a soft spot for fast food too—bacon cheeseburgers, fried chicken and fries. As for favorite drinks—coffee, Sprite and beer!


What would people like about you best?

I have a big heart and I am compassionate. It makes me feel good to help people… and animals. I'm a big animal lover. I especially love cats. My friends tease me that I'll be “the crazy cat lady” someday.



Physically, what is your best asset?

I get the most compliments on my figure, although I was very self-conscious about my hips when I was growing up. I've grown to love my curves and my figure [though].


What’s the one thing that you would like to change about yourself?

I'm always trying to change myself for the better. Being more patient is something [I’m working] on.


Please describe your ideal man.

[He should be] my best friend. Someone I could spend all day with and do anything with and [we’d] always have the best time [together]. Someone honest, loving, caring; someone who makes me laugh.



How about the worst man for you?

I'm a very strong-willed person, so I'd never get along with someone who was really stubborn or arrogant. I don't find cockiness attractive either.


What do you do best?

Good question! Maybe dancing. I studied ballet, tap and jazz for 12 years. It became my passion and I worked really hard to realize my dream of becoming a professional ballerina. I didn't quite make it, but I did dance professionally at the SandCastle.


How did you get your start in modeling?

I started modeling when I was 17, through an agency here in Guam. My first modeling job was [for] a DFS brochure. Since then, I've gotten jobs through scouts and social networking.



So far, how is it going? Any regrets?

I'd say it’s going pretty well. However, I would love to do more [modeling stints] and make a living as a model. I recently started doing some modeling in the Philippines and I hope to keep branching out from there. I used to have a few regrets, but they have turned into learning experiences.


Congratulations on winning the Best in Swimsuit in the first Supermodel of Asia Pacific International modeling competition. Aside from that special award, what have you gained from the experience?

Thank you! It definitely was an experience! That was my first pageant/competition so I really didn't know what to expect. I gained a lot of knowledge, from how to walk and pose to how pageants and modeling competitions are run. I also gained the friendship of some wonderful people. Most importantly, I gained a sense of pride and satisfaction from doing something I never thought I could do.


What was the best thing that happened to you during the competition?

Winning Best in Swimsuit was definitely a highlight of my trip, but meeting so many amazing and beautiful people and forming bonds of friendship with them really made my trip to Thailand a once in a lifetime experience.



What was the worst thing, if any?

If I had to pick out one thing, it'd be that I had to see the bad side of some people that competition can bring out.


The title went to Miss Indonesia. What did  she have or do that made her stand out?

She is a tall, beautiful woman who fits the description of a supermodel perfectly. I think she is the total package.


Would you have done anything differently?

No. I gave it my best shot.


What do you think of working in show business, locally and even internationally?

I'd jump on the opportunity to work in show business here and abroad. It's the only profession I've ever felt passionate about.

You are the cover model for Uno’s luxury issue, so how would you define luxury?

Luxury is not worrying about anything. It's having everything I need and want at my fingertips. Total luxury is having all the finer, expensive and even unnecessary things at my disposal, and feeling completely comfortable and glamorous.

If you were chosen to be on Survivor and were told that you could bring only one luxury item with you to the island, what would that be?

I think almost any everyday item would be considered a luxury item if I was on Survivor. I'd have to say a toothbrush.


Let’s say you won Survivor and you could choose one of the following prizes: 1) mansion, 2) yacht or 3) all-expense-paid trip around the world. Which would you choose?

I'd definitely pick the mansion. Owning a mansion would give me a permanent place to stay, and if I wanted to, I could always sell the mansion and buy a yacht and [go on] a trip around the world.


Would you consider exchanging love for luxury?

No. I wouldn't trade love for anything. Love is the best thing there is.


What would be the ultimate gift a man could give you to make you choose him over the rest?

His love. A woman notices a man who gives her his time and attention. A car and a condo [unit] wouldn't hurt either.


And finally, as Uno’s cover model, what’s your message to all our loyal readers?

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy my words and pictures :) 

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