Uno Cover Girl - Jeneva Bosko

March 7, 2016 John Calvo

A Whole New Wolrd

Miss World Guam 2012 jeneva Kristina Bosko may have missed out on the Plum Prize in China, but the world is all the better now for having known this spright, rugby-playing, Lakers loving beauty with a purpose.

Photography by Pat Mateo | Words by Alex A. Gatpandan
Styling: Myrrh Lao To | Hair: Dave Garona
Makeup: Archi Tolentino
Location: ACE WATER SPA QUEZON CITY 399 Del Monte Avenue near cor. Banaue St., SFDM, Quezon City Philippines. (Special thanks to Mr. Gerald Venturina) and PHILSPORTS ARENA, Pasig City


It was a sunny Saturday when Uno met up with reigning Miss World Guam Jeneva Bosko for her cover pictorial. Her simple dress and makeup couldn’t hide her radiance and her good disposition.
Our first stop was the pool and diving area at the Philsports Arena in Pasig City. Even as the sun beat mercilessly down upon her, Jeneva remained cool and composed, whether she was on top of the 50-foot diving platform or on the diving board.

Then it was time to pack up and head towards Quezon City, to the Ace Water Spa, which proved to be an oasis with its 25-meter, 5-lane lap pool, hydrotherapy spa area, hot herbal pools, steam, sauna and floor fountain. By then it was past 4 p.m. and Jeneva, like the rest of the team, had not eaten anything yet that day except for a bottle of mineral water, but we did not hear any complaint from her. Instead, she was as gracious as ever. Fortunately, the Ace Water Spa also had the Coffee Lounge that served a wide variety of food from their delectable menu. Everyone was able to get their fill.

After the very late yet still delicious brunch, most everyone went to the nearby Skygarden to have a puff or two, but Jeneva stayed at the Coffee Lounge, being a non-smoker. I finally have her all to myself.

Congratulations on winning the Miss World Guam 2012 crown and your Top 30 finish in the Miss World 2012 pageant in China. How has it changed your life?
Thank you. To think that now I am a representative of Guam, I really have to change my lifestyle, change my way of thinking. To really embody the spirit of the pageant, and to be a role model is my goal.

When you say it has changed your way of  life, can you be more specific? 
Well, even after the Guam pageant, I have always had to greet people wherever I go and so I have to make sure that I really make myself up wherever I went; I couldn’t be that Chamorro free spirit anymore.

What do you think was your plus factor that put you in the Miss World pageant?
I was really happy that I won the Beauty with a Purpose award because that was what the Guam pageant was all about, to raise much money for whatever charity you select, and I think that’s the factor that helped me win to become Guam’s representative in Miss World.

What was the most unforgettable experience you’ve had during the pageant?
I would never forget when I first met all the contestants. It was really a great experience because all the candidates were embracing everyone. We weren’t catty. It was very respectable; we knew that we’re doing a very respectable thing, so I really was blessed [together] with all the other candidates and I am so glad I have developed new friendships in the process.

You competed against the rest of the world for the Miss World crown. How did you prepare for it?
I really just prepared by getting away from home and actually just turned my attention to world issues. I also concentrated with all the best intentions and really had a great fun experience, to show my island character.

Before the competition, what did you think was Guam’s chance of having a second Miss World titleholder after Kimberley Santos in 1980?
I thought we had a very good chance, but I wasn’t really thinking about that then. What I kept in my mind was to have a good time and to do my best and make Guam proud.

What would be a Guamanian’s advantage over the rest of the world in any beauty contest?
I think everyone has their own spirit and their own personality, but Guam people, they’re very humble yet proud about who we are, of our country, of our roots.

How do you take time off? Is there a special place in Guam that you frequent to have a great time?
Of course we have beaches everywhere… warm water… where I can relax.

What is the perfect relationship for you?
I think the perfect relationship is a relationship with imperfections, because bumps in the road will make the relationship stronger. Not into serious relationships, just more like really close friendships, helping each other grow with the person.

What would make you fall in love with a man?
If someone can make me laugh, then I would enjoy that person’s company.

What would make you fall out of love?
Vices. I really dislike smoking or drugs or anything like that.

How do you maintain such a svelte figure?
Well, thanks to Matt Sablan from Paradise Fitness Center, he has really 360’ed my fitness workout and I’ve seen results in a very short period of time— right after the pageant—and so it’s just working out with him every other day for the last two weeks. And of course, you know, curbing my diet—no carbs, no heavy meat.

But if you were given the opportunity to eat what you like, what would be your favorite pig-out food?
Oh my gosh! I would just go to Kelaguen and eat so much of that with red rice…you know, just the regular Chamorro food.

Do you cook? Any special recipe?
Estufao, just estufao. I can really make a good estufao.

We’ve heard that you are into rugby?
I was into rugby in my high school years but unfortunately, I was so passionate about the sport that I injured my knee and ACL, so I had to get a surgery. From then on, I could not pursue my rugby career anymore.

Any alternative sport then?
I love swimming. I’ve always done it when I was younger, when I was in summer camp. I love running especially cross-country during my high school years.

What’s your favorite sport? Do you play it or are you just a spectator?
I love watching basketball, the NBA. I haven’t really played the game but I am somehow passionate about it.

What’s your favorite sports team/figure?
I like the Lakers.

How about the team you like the least?
I would say the Clippers because I just think they have good players but they’re not up to their potential, and I don’t like people to either get too caught up in the game or get too cocky; you know, they don’t give it their all and just play the game.

Would you consider yourself an avid fan or a casual fan?
I would put myself in the middle because not many girls are interested in sports and especially, you would think beauty queens are are all about the glamour, but really I believe that fitness is the key to looking good and, you know, by keeping up with different sports people learn discipline, different ways to help your body adjust to all the sports you go into or any fitness regimen you wanna go to.

Have you felt angry if your team loses?
Of course there’s a little animosity, but you know you have to say, hey, there’s a next year.

How about when the NBA vetoed the trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers.
Well, I don’t know with all the trading. Especially when they traded Lamar Odom. I was really upset, even about Derek Fisher. I was really upset because they were there for so many years, and then they traded them for nothing. It really upset me, but there’s something behind it, I know. It’s a huge franchise. They must have some motive behind that. But still, for the fans, they should have some explanation as to why that has happened.

You’ve heard about the latest trade involving Steve Nash and then Dwight Howard?
No, I missed those in the newscast because of all these activities with the pageant. I didn’t have any leisure time to watch TV. But hey, those are good moves.

How do you see the Lakers’ chance of winning the championship?
Well, if both [Nash and Howard] can deliver and work with the team, then I believe it’s a victory and that they have a distinct advantage now.

Finally, a message to the thousands of Uno readers?
Never give up on your dreams. Always push yourself to do better, and it’s never too late to believe that whatever you dream of can 
be possible.

Just in the nick of time, our interview was finished. The shoot was about to commence, and Jeneva needed to change clothes and have her makeup retouched. I thanked her for the time she gave me, and she replied with her by now trademark winning smile. In my book, she would always be Miss World. 



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