Uno Cover Girl - Katrina Martinez

March 9, 2016 John Calvo

She may already be the reigning Miss Earth Guam, but 23-year-old Katarina Martinez deserves another title that summarizes everything she is. Katarina doesn't need a support team, nor depends on someone to tell her what to do. In fact, she’s had it down pat on how to make her own rules and be her own boss. When asked IF SHE HAD ANY ADVICE FOR THE  next Miss Earth Guam contestants, she quips, “Be yourself and don’t let anybody boss you around.” Enough said.

Words by Joan Awa | Images by Manny Rona
Styling by John Cortez | Makeup by Iowani Unpingco 
Hairstyle by Jeru Glenn Chinen | Lighting grip/male model: Lemuel Oliver

One of the most memorable moments in Katarina Martinez’s stint at the 2013 Miss Earth pageant held in the Philippines was how she was criticized for the way she walked. “I thought I walked fine, but for some people…” she says. She went on to silence her critics by winning the Best Walk competition against Miss Venezuela who was eventually crowned Miss Earth 2013. “I was like, ‘What now?’” This in-your-face attitude is so endearing, but she’s also someone you don’t want to mess with.

In Control
Though she has certainly enjoyed her time as Miss Earth Guam, she is looking forward to pass on the crown and make her next move in life. Of course, Katarina’s award-winning walk clearly shows that her successor has some big shoes to fill.

As Miss Earth Guam, she stayed in the Philippines for a whole month to compete with other contestants flown in from all over the world. She recalls the experience as something “like a sorority.” We can imagine all the beautiful women bunked into one room or better yet, an entire floor? It's like the United Nations called for a summit of the hottest reps to find a solution to global warming and make the world a cleaner place.

The pageant life has always been a challenge for most contestants, but Katarina proves it’s like eating a piece of cake. Your first bite draws you in to wanting more, and once you’ve finished your slice you don’t dare go back for seconds. For this beauty, portion control is not just applicable to food but also on how you want to run things in your life. If you have too much of a good thing, it could be your downfall. So, after participating in previous beauty contests, Miss Earth 2013 is trading in her ball gown for an apron to start her career in culinary arts. Too bad, we were hoping to see more of Katarina in pageants (especially the swimsuit part). 

For Uno’s cover pictorial, Katarina has Chris Brown’s “Loyal” in a loop to get her in her zone. She sings and raps it for us repeatedly. We can’t help but think we have scored the perfect cover model. She is drop-dead gorgeous, has a smart mouth, and works the camera like a rock star, sticking her tongue out and throwing up her “rock on” sign after each round of shots.  Katarina works her bedroom shoots like the natural badass she is, and at one point even asks, “Is this Uno enough for you guys?” Yes, Katarina, that’s why we have to put you on the cover. 

Busy Body
Katarina has no time for messing around. With her bright future ahead of her, she’s not letting anything get in her way. Her passion for food and cooking has prompted her to take up two jobs: a barista by day and a pasta maker in a restaurant by night. Talk about hard work and dedication to the game! She prefers for us not to say where she works and leaves it to coincidence if you see her running the café or the kitchen of your favorite food spot. She says that any job that is required to run a kitchen, get her hands dirty, and teaches her new things is what she’s down for. 

Initially we thought of her as a party girl but we got her all wrong. Katarina reveals she likes to stay mysterious and private. “I know modeling for Uno [in sexy and revealing outfits] may seem hypocritical of me but I don’t care what people think.” She tries to stay grounded by hanging out with the right crowd and her ‘loyals.’ “I have really good friends,” she says.   

Bruised Without a Care

Katarina has the height, the frame, and most obviously the looks for modeling but says she takes no interest in doing it professionally. “I model and join pageants for fun, but I will never allow myself to get to that point [where it becomes her bread and butter]. I’m not vain.” The Filipino-Mexican beauty owes her good looks to mom and dad who are also her biggest supporters.  Her dad buys her necessities for the pageants, just in case she needs them!  Someone deserves the “Best Dad Ever” award.

At one point, Katarina worked with her parents in their real estate business but then felt that it wasn’t her calling so she decided to quit and went for something else—anything that deals with food.

“You have to do things you like, not just because people want you to do them,” she says matter-of-factly.

While stripping down to her undies for another pictorial set, she shows Uno several bruises on her thighs and legs, “You see these?  They’re all from work and I don’t care!” Damn, what have they got you doing in the kitchen?

Finally, we do a few more Q&A’s to further sink our teeth into the meat (figuratively, of course) of what Katarina Martinez is made of:

Do you think you are a friendly person?  
I’m okay. They said I was expressive in middle and high school; I think I’ve always been expressive.

You’re stunning; do you look this glam everyday?

What is your beauty regimen?
If you go out at night, no matter how bad you sweat, always try and shower after.

What do you love to cook?
Pizza, pasta, soup, chicken. I’d rather just stay home and learn how to cook.

What do you like to eat?
I love to eat good BBQ—I love Proa. I admire people who can barbecue.

How do you keep such a slender figure?
I eat when I am hungry; you appreciate food more when you’re hungry. 

How tall are you?
5’ 9 ½” 

Damn, you’re tall. You don’t need heels, so when do you wear them?
On special occasions, when I feel like it.

What kind of shoes do you like to wear?
Comfortable ones, wedges, sneakers, unisex shoes ha ha ha.

Most comfortable thing to wear?
I HATE jeans, I don’t like anything constricting movement. I like dresses because my body parts can breathe.

You’ve always had your hair this long?
I don’t like short hair.

Do you think men like long hair?
I don’t care what they like, I like long hair.

Are you seeing anyone?
Nope, single! But I am not free and I am not on the market. I want to pick who I want.

Do you have a type?
I’ve dated international, all kinds. I don’t want to open the X files so let’s keep it at that.  

What do you look for in a man?
Someone who is smart. I like the underdog. I don’t like people who are well known. I am attracted to people who are humble, who can cook, massage.

How do you feel being on the cover of Uno?
It’s different. I was not expecting it at all. 


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