Get Ready for the Guam Micronesia Island Fair

April 14, 2017 Andrew Roberto

The Guam Micronesian Island Fair will be back in less than a month!

This GVB signature event will once again bring together delegations from the neighboring islands of Micronesia to showcase Pacific Islander heritage.

This time the fair comes to the community from a new venue: Hagatña's Paseo de Susana (aka Chamorro Village).

What's going to happen at the fair? 

You can see master carvers practicing their craft, blacksmiths creating machetes, traditional sailing experts with their canoes, and so much more. 

The Guam Micronesian Island Fair is a celebration of our Pacific traditions. Master artists and craftspeople will be at work showcasing their skills.


You might be able to buy a few pieces!


Aside from that, there will be cool cultural exhibits, live performances, a petting zoo for the kiddies, and a special concert!


And of course, what event on Guam would be complete without food vendors? The fair will be a great place to have lunch or dinner

Who's coming: 

Micronesia, of course!

Representatives from the CNMI, Palau, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Nauru, the Marshalls, Kiribati, Kosrae, and Yap. 

When is this happening? 

The fun starts on May 3rd and continues until May 7th. 

Take a look at the trailer to this year's fair!

We're excited, are you?

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