Be The Next Lucky IWS Winner

April 20, 2017 Andrew Roberto

Have you ever noticed how many free things IWS Guam gives away? 



Bags, bottle openers, mugs, concert name it, IWS has given it away.

But maybe you've seen these fantastic giveaway opportunities and thought there's no way you could win.



Well, we're here to change that. 

Let us help you do 7 things to your social media posts that can help you win more giveaways from IWS. 



1) Follow/Like IWS on social media

The first step to winning is an easy one.  You have to be an actual fan of IWS to win IWS contests. Head to IWS' Facebook page or their Instagram account and hit that like/follow button!



2) Check your privacy settings

Sometimes IWS gives things away if you share posts. 

But if your privacy settings don't allow for companies to see what you share, IWS can't select you as a winner. Make sure all your posts are public!


IWS puts on bar promos, concerts, parties, and just about everything you want to attend

3) Go to IWS sponsored events 

IWS knows how to have a good time. They sponsor everything from the Reggae in the Park music festival, New Year's Eve Luxe end of the year bash, and even cool bar events like Amsterdam Night.

These events are a win-win for you! You can have a great time while enjoying awesome IWS products. And if you take pics at the event you can show IWS you support them.

That will help make choosing you as a winner so much easier.


4) Support IWS products

If you're a fan of IWS products like Jack Daniel's, Stolichnaya Vodka, and other great products, show them love.

Enjoy IWS products when you chose to responsibly consume alcohol, and take lots of pictures. 


Pro tip:

Make sure to tag IWS in your social media posts. It will up your chances of winning prizes!


5) Know how to have a good time and know how to post about it online 

IWS is a company that sells some of the most premium beverages on island. The kind of winners they're looking for are people who know how to have a good time with IWS products.

If you're into enjoying life at the beach or being at a cool concert, there's an IWS product for you. 

When IWS selects a winner for giveaways, they're looking for this exact kind of person. 


6) Follow all the rules

You'd hate to go through the process of creating good content for a contest only to be disqualified because you forgot to add a certain hashtag. 



Luckily, IWS never makes a contest too difficult to participate in, but still, it's a best practice to follow the directions like your life depends on it. 


7) Get social

The more the merrier as far as IWS is concerned. If you have a lot of friends in your social media network, it tells IWS that you're someone with a wide reach.


IWS is always looking to share its products with the most people it can, and you & your network can help with that. Get more followers!


One last thing! 

IWS is a distributor of alcohol products when all is said and done. If you're going to win a sponsored contest you have to be at least 21.  

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