Guam Live is Almost Here! 😱

April 25, 2017 Andrew Roberto

Guam Live is the concert event of the summer, every summer, and big news just dropped via the Guam Live Twitter: 



Of course, once news hit the internet, Guam fans were instantly hyped.




We totally understand if people start screaming for joy. 😎



Neither can we! June 3rd can't get here fast enough. 

To help, we clicked "going" on the Guam Live FB event page so we don't miss any news and specials. 



The Save the Date post got a crazy amount of retweets. If you have a Twitter account, share the post so all your homies know the deal!



People are losing their minds lol





Don't worry! The lineup is always sick at Guam Live. When they finally share that info, you're going to want to be in the know!

Follow UNO Magazine, Guam Live IMF, and TPI on social media. We're ALWAYS the first to get that information. 

Also, TPI has this cool email list that sends concert information directly to you. Click it to sign up. 


Is it June 3rd yet? 


If you're ready to have the time of your life at Micronesia's largest concert,

you're almost in the right place.

Get your tickets to Guam Live International Music Festival here:


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