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April 27, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez


It was a sea of female empowerment during the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce Hightide Women’s Summit held last February 17 at the Dusit Thani Resort Guam.

For one day, women in business of all ages made waves at the creative conference led by its founder, Guam girl Stacie Krajchir-Tom, who is also a lifestyle curator and owner of a Los Angeles-based PR firm. Participants networked, enjoyed beauty treatments, shopped, and gained valuable insights about the roles they play in society, as well as business strategizing and self-care from a panel of experts handpicked by Krajchir-Tom.

“I feel so fortunate, she said. “I left Guam and went to college [overseas]. Since then I worked as a producer and spoke to many women’s events, and [was] asked to be put on panels. All along the way I kept meeting amazing women and kept putting them in my pocket. I felt like I’ve run out of pockets, and it’s time to pull out a few of my favorites to kick it off. I’ve brought some of my favorite women, both personally and professionally, who flew across the Pacific to be here.”

UNO puts the spotlight on these guest speakers with their inspiring stories and valuable messages.

Jess Weiner


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CEO of Talk To Jess and Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador

Cultivating Confidence

"I don't believe that confidence is the destination in life, where you get to and land and that's it. I believe it's rather a manner of traveling. It's how we get there. It's the relationships we form with ourselves and with others. It's the way we show up at our work and in our lives and in our businesses. It's the way we believe in ourselves and as women and the men in our lives. But the longest and most serious relationship you're ever going to have is with yourself."


Kelley Lilien


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Graphic designer, founder of www.mrs.lilien.com, published author, creative director, and social media influencer


Making Your Mark + Monetizing Your Brand

“I stay true to my brand. For me, it has to stick to my aesthetic. I encourage everyone here [at the Summit] who has their own brand, stay true to it. It's great to experiment, but when you deviate, you lose a little bit of your won niche. Your voice is so important. Your point of view is so important. I think that's what gets you a captivated audience and a very specialized audience that when they trust you, you have to be able to sell something to them that they know you feel good about. I wouldn't be able to write about something that I really didn't believe in for money.”


Chelsea Matthews


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Founder of Matte Black Culture Marketing Firm


Making Social Media Work for You

“Social media is an amazing mine field of people you could try to connect with and engage with. If there's an accessory brand, for example, that you feel like has the audience you want to achieve, digging into those followers and checking out who they are and what kind of glimpses you can take about what they post about, what they share….all sorts of insights will actually give you cues as to who your audience is and who you might set out to achieve in social media. One of the beauties of social media is that it's kind of a free game for everyone. People have profiles, and for the most part they're public. And you have the opportunity to connect and have conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. It's incredibly powerful. This is an amazingly cool opportunity for you to find people you can connect with, to take cues from what that brand is doing or what that person is doing that you might want to apply to your own social media strategies.”

Veronica Everett-Boyce

CEO and Founder of Urban Fitness 911


It Only Takes One Act to Change A Life

“I took great initiative to educate myself and take responsibility for myself.

The three simple acts that changed the trajectory of my life: Someone asked me if I wanted to play. Someone took me to a restaurant, a place like this where you don't know where to act. Someone gave me a book. I was shown compassion. Compassion is when you see the suffering of others and you do everything you can to alleviate that suffering. It was the combination of compassion and opportunity that changed my life. Those people that shared their compassion and gave me opportunities will never know how much their small acts impacted my life. Providing those same opportunities and showing the same compassions led me to create my life's work, Urban Fitness 911. The Urban Fitness 911 kids all have the opportunities to have new experiences to transform their realities and expand their lives. One question, one dinner, one act, one opportunity is all it takes to take a hopeless, futureless life into a potential realized. Just take a kid to a movie, take them on a hike, and I guarantee it will plant a seed. One act does make a difference. I am living proof.”

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