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May 10, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

Poki-Fry was a literal hole-in-the-wall when it opened its doors two years ago at the Hagåtña Pool. The owners then were trying to get their feet wet, testing out a menu chock-full of cubed, marinated fish and other island style eats, according to restaurant manager Kevin Chang. "Now they wanted something bigger — with alcohol," he added.

Last Feb. 2, fans of the restaurant got just that, and at a different venue. Poki-Fry's new location is a breath away from the Route 1/Route 8 intersection in Maite. With the addition of a bar, the new spot nearly quadruples its original space. But of course, you can count on the same menu that has kept customers coming back, including the popular poki bowls anchored with seasoned rice.

The Fijian Poki is a top seller, consisting of raw, tender chunks of fish marinated in tangy citrus and smoothed out with coconut milk. It's then tossed with chopped tomatoes, and onions, scented with herbaceous cilantro. UNO's resident Fijian, Ana Vuki, gave her approval on the food’s authenticity.

Poki-Fry’s biggest feature at its new location is the bar adorned with a coconut leaf roof and filled with your favorite beers and spirits. "At the old location, people were always asking for beer because poki goes good with beer,” Chang said. “It's slowly picking up that people know we have alcohol now."


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