Cool for the Summer: Naiomie Santos

May 11, 2017 Staff Writer

Naiomie Jean Perez Santos has been a bonafide UNO cover model since the beginning. She graced the cover of UNO #4 in October 2010 and she's back again to slay with UNO #41. She wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, health and fitness coach, and a full-time student. 

On her memorable moment working with UNO:

Being that UNO was fairly new and a huge deal, I would definitely say the UNO launch party was outrageous! The venue was packed and it was just an amazing time." 

πŸ‘™ Plum Mesh Suit by John Rufo πŸ‘™

On her beach essential that she always carries with her:

"My phone so I can take pictures to capture the moment!"

Favorite way to cool down on a hot day:

"Taking a refreshing cold shower! Maybe some ice cream or froyo if it's a cheat day!"   #everydayisacheatday πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ˜‰

πŸ‘™ Sunshine Contour Swimsuit by Julius Tarog πŸ‘™

On her favorite summer memory or summer vacation:

"Working summer school at JFK High School! Being able to see different students from different high schools come together as one was such an amazing feeling!"

Happy Song:

"My go-to right now is Infinity (Illenium Remix) by Niykee Heaton! I love good songs that have a good beat, get me motivated and feeling like a boss!"

πŸ‘™Itapua White Bikini by Agua Brazilian SwimwearπŸ‘™

On her ultimate summer vacation:

"I don't take too many vacations, so anywhere and anyplace that I can run away to (with no work involved). Even a staycation will work!"

On how she unwinds after a long day:

"Reflecting on the day and meditation! I also enjoy watching YouTube videos! Knowledge and motivation get me a good night's rest with the feeling of a sense of accomplishment and prepare me for the day ahead!"

πŸ‘™Nahla Maillot Palu SwimsuitπŸ‘™


πŸ“·: John Balbin

πŸ’„: Iowani Unpingco

πŸ’‡πŸ½: Laura Allen

πŸ‘—: Aldrin Del Carmen 


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