Cool for the Summer: Carmela Tyequiengco

May 11, 2017 Staff Writer

Carmela Tyqueingco made her UNO debut in December 2014 with UNO #27.  

She is a small business owner and runs Marmela's Shave Ice

On her memorable moment working with UNO:

"The team I worked with was awesome! We had a chance to shoot at the penthouse at the Lotte Hotel, plus we shot in an airplane." 

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On her ultimate vacation:

"Euro trip! Never been but I would love to travel around and experience the different countries and what they have to offer!" ✈️🌍

On how she unwinds after a long day:

"Listen to music, relax, and have a cup of green tea!" 🎢🍡

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On her beach essential that she always carries with her:

"Coconut oil! It's perfect for keeping the skin hydrated and helps you get a beautiful glow."

Favorite way to cool down on a hot day:

"Jump into the ocean!" ☺️

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On her favorite summer memory or summer vacation:

"My favorite summer memory has to be the time I visited Kauai with my family. We stayed in bungalows on a secluded beach. We would spend all day swimming and relaxing on the beach then at night we had a breathtaking view of the stars! It was a perfect summer!"

Happy Song:

"I feel like I would have so many that make me feel happy but right now I'm into All Night Long by Lionel Richie. It always makes me feel like dancing!"

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πŸ“·: John Balbin

πŸ’„: Iowani Unpingco

πŸ’‡πŸ½: Laura Allen

πŸ‘—: Aldrin Del Carmen 


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