Cool for the Summer: Victoria Espaldon

May 25, 2017 Staff Writer

Victoria Espaldon is a local social media starlet and model.  She has worked with various brands including Farmers Market Hawaii and Crowns Guam. Victoria slayed in our UNO #17 Chamorro themed issue and dominated our Swimsuit Special this year! She is currently studying at the University of Guam!


πŸ“· by  Manny Rona

On her memorable moment working with UNO:

"My launch party at the Tree Bar for my debut!" 

πŸ‘™ Silver Halterneck Swimsuit by Badj Swimwear πŸ‘™

On her favorite summer memory or summer vacation:

"One of my favorite summer vacations that I've been in was being in Las Vegas and competing in a dance competition called WCDE (West Coast Dance Explosion) and winning top #15 overall with my dance group, Bodyarts Guam!" βœˆοΈπŸŒ

Happy Song:

"One of my happy songs would definitely be "Sunday Morning" by Maroon Five because I mean, who doesn't love the song Sunday Morning and Adam Levine? " 

πŸ‘™ Milky White V-Kini by Badj Swimwear πŸ‘™

On her ultimate vacation:

"My ultimate summer vacation would have to be taking a Euro trip and backpacking throughout the whole vacation." βœˆοΈπŸŽ’

On how she unwinds after a long day:

"I love to lounge around my house watching Family Guy or American Dad."

πŸ‘™Olivia in Red by Negritas Swimwear πŸ‘™

On her beach essential that she always carries with her:

"Two things that I cannot live without when I go to the beach are sunscreen and coconut oil."

Favorite way to cool down on a hot day:

"Since we live on such a beautiful island, my favorite way to cool down on a hot day would have to be going to the beach and jumping into the crystal clear water."

πŸ‘™Kimi Bikini, Agua Brazilian SwimwearπŸ‘™


πŸ“·: John Balbin

πŸ’„: Iowani Unpingco

πŸ’‡πŸ½: Laura Allen

πŸ‘—: Aldrin Del Carmen 


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