[GUAM LIVE 2017] Fashion Report: Fashion Festivals

May 25, 2017 Ana Vuki

Glorious sounds, gorgeous sunburns, and guilt-free Instagrams all add up to a wonderful weekend at a festival of your choice. Whether it's a weekend spent chilling in paradise at Hangout, celebrity spotting at Coachella, or seeking an elevated escape at EDC  -- you're bound to make some memories or stage some jealousy-invoking snap stories.

We all know that music festivals isn't just about the music. It's also about those extra houses you clocked in at work for the pricey tickets and the constant stream of WhatsApp notifications about squad meet ups and outfit ideas.

Well, look no further because we collaborated with local IT girl, @BaddieJazzie, and Papaya Clothing Guam to create inspirational festival fashion looks that will have you dancing and fabulously vibing in the summertime.

 πŸŒ» Flower Child πŸŒ»

Flower crown, White sheer top from Papaya Clothing Guam

 πŸ’„ Off Duty Model πŸ’„

Cargo Jacket from Papaya Clothing Guam, paired with jean shorts and Calvin Klein sports bra

Tip: Add a pair of wellingtons to channel the Glastonbury vibe

  πŸ’‹ Valley Girl πŸ’‹

Black Summer Dress from Papaya Clothing Guam paired with an embroidered vest

  βœ¨ Rave Bae ✨

Sequin crop top, wellington boots and flower crown

🌈  Tie Dye FTW 🌈

Tie Dye Dress from Papaya Clothing paired with a denim jacket

  βœ¨ Hippie Elegance ✨

Beige top and printed boho pants from Papaya Clothing


πŸ’„ + πŸ’‡πŸ½: Geri Bautista from Rosy Rouge Hair & Makeup Salon


πŸ‘—: Aldrin Del Carmen + Ana Vuki

πŸ“·: Jesus Siatan, assisted by Anton Rosario

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