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June 23, 2017 Andrew Roberto

“It’s so hard to fail when passion is driving you.”

While having a quick chat with Danny Daniel recently, we couldn’t help but notice that the brand manager for Docomo Pacific is essentially the prime candidate every HR manager in the world fights over to hire—a motivated team player whose dedication to executing set goals seems laser guided.

We had to know how he manages to be so effective.

“When you find something that you love,” he disclosed, “you’ll always put your best foot forward.”


It seems Danny’s best foot has been forward for quite some time. Before he landed his gig at Docomo, Danny was busy with a full plate at UNO’s parent company Mid Pacific Distributors. He was logistics manager for PXC, business development manager at Tropical Productions Inc., special projects manager at MidPac, and—

here’s the kicker—he even helped run this very magazine as brand manager!

In each role he was an integral piece of moving forward the great machine of MidPac.

“[MidPac] has really helped to set me up in terms of understanding things from a large scale all the way down to the granular level,” Danny said. “You’re bringing in experience that can’t easily be replicated. People come to concerts or come to events, and they want this encompassing feeling of the smells and the sights. At the end of the day I remember huddling back with the team and breathing it all in, having that sense that the work we put in came to fruition.”

To put this into perspective, an event thrown by a MidPac company can be a logistical nightmare for the uninitiated. Pacific X-treme Combat, for example, is an event, which thousands of people attend and dozens of clients sponsor. Someone has to organize the logistics of all of that. Repeat this role four times over, and that’s what Danny was dealing with on a near day-to-day basis.

“It was dedication on a different level,” he admitted. “The thing that keeps you going, I guess, is there was just no time to think about stopping.”


Clearly Danny is someone who can thrive under pressure. But even as he was finding success pulling off some of Guam’s biggest events, there was something missing. He was looking to truly fulfill his role as a marketer, studying the psychology of his customers, figuring out what services they were after, and strategizing ways to close the sale of the goods his company offered. He wanted to be an adman again, and in stepped Docomo.

“I love what I do. It was a hard decision when I decided to leave [MidPac]. But at the end, I knew in my heart I’m a marketer. I love advertising,” he declared.

At the communication giant, Danny oversees branding for the entire Marianas (yes, Docomo’s CNMI branches included). His role at is fast-paced, considering that telecom goes from zero to a hundred real quick.

“It’s an industry of innovation,” he said. “My team is lean, but I handle the whole brand, so anything that has our logo comes through my department. My focus is on total brand experience.”

From social media to enterprise branding, or community outreach to broadcast commercials, there’s a lot that needs Danny’s sharp eye. From the looks of things, he has Docomo’s ship sailing in the right direction. If it’s any indication of his prowess, the press con/launch of Docomo’s ONE bundle was great.

When he’s not reminding us that the network is “Better Together,” Danny spends a lot of his free time just being down to earth, gathering with family and working out. He’d even make time to watch the hit TV show, RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE.

“I have seen all of the [show’s]’s kind of a deep, dark secret.”

What isn’t a secret is that Danny is clearly #GuamAtItsBest.

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