Guam Pride: Wilamina Duenas

June 22, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

On stage, Wilamina Diosa Duenas sparkles as one of the founding members of The

Untouchables, House of Diosa drag variety performance troupe. Style and image are

important to the 30-year- old transwoman from Tamuning, and she's diligent about putting

her best face forward when it comes to all of her performances.

"I have a lot of individuals from the LGBTQ, and our straight allies tell me, 'You've helped

me be comfortable being a bigger-sized person or plus-size person, just with the confidence

you exude on stage," she says.

Wilamina is no stranger to the expectations of society when it comes to body image and

style, which could make it all the more complicated as a transwoman. Instead of covering

up her curves, she embraces it with all she has."Bring bigger-sized person my entire life,

a lot of the stuff I do on stage is about cracking jokes about it. It is a very big part of my life,

and I've learned to embrace it and use it in a positive manner instead of [being] negative

[about it]. I like glam. I like sexy, of course. Who doesn't want to feel sexy? I like to break

that barrier and push the limits. It gets edgy, and I try to do it in the classiest form as

possible, keeping that fine line between being sexy and being trashy."

That’s her choice as a performer and sometimes whenever she feels like getting dolled up.

One thing that isn’t a choice is who she is. “There’s a lot of arguments and debates about

whether being an LGBTQ individual is a choice or a lifestyle. You don’t choose to be gay, in

my opinion. Why would anybody choose to experience ridicule every day of their life or

possibly disowned by their family, because that’s what happens to so many people,” she


Luckily, Wilamina comes from a family, which has also embraced her. In return, she’s open

to talking about her experiences with others to help broaden the minds of those curious

about trans individuals, including teachers, parents and those who are questioning their

own identities. “People who take the time to try and understand an individual for who they

are is a person who can be a good friend of mine because they are taking the time to talk

about what I go through or learn who I am as an individual,” she says.


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