Guam Pride: Scarlett Castro-Dixon

June 22, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

“They saved my life on many occasions,” Scarlett Castro-Dixon says of the variety showcase

performance group, The Untouchables, House of Diosa that is made up of transwomen.

     Scarlett, too, is a transwoman, one who shares the experience of other trans people.

“When I was in high school I always knew I liked boys, and during [one] Halloween, I

finally dressed up as a woman for the first time. I came across The Untouchables online. I

researched what it meant to be transgender, and it really moved me because that’s what I

was,” Scarlett says.

     Despite pushback from her family, she was adamant she was a woman. She fought with her

family, threw out all her boy’s clothing, and insisted she moved forward as a female.

“And now, here I am,” Scarlett, now 23, proudly proclaims.

     In 2015, she became the blushing, young bride to a sailor, and became part of the Family

Readiness Group, which was made up of families who support each other while their

partners are away. But everything goes back to her being a member of The Untouchables.

     “I was curious to see how I would be treated in the group, but at the same time, I wanted to

get my foot in the door and make it normal. When I joined, they were very respectful, and

they were really inclusive about me. It’s really about what you put out there,” she adds.

     “Looking to them as role models, I couldn’t have found better role models. One thing they

really taught me is that it took me 16 years to find who Scarlett was, and I didn’t allow any

one time to figure out who I was, especially my family, my parents. I really did force my

transition on them, and being part of The Untouchables, they really molded my mind and

helped me grow faster than my supposedly normal classmates. They really taught me the

value of family and the value of patience. Coming to terms with who I am, it’s a process and

it’s not something that happens overnight,” Scarlett reveals.


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