Guam Pride: Lasia Casil

June 23, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

It’s been some 20 years since Lasia Casil yearned to move back to Guam after growing up

around the world in a military family. When she got here, she trained for a job at a newly

opening club in a newly opened hotel, ready to start a new life here.

Once it was revealed, however, that she was a transgender woman, she was terminated

from her job. Pushed to the fringes of Guam society, Lasia jumped ship and moved as far

away as she could from the island she wanted to call home.

She did well for herself selling high-end commercial property stretching from New York to

Los Angeles. Guam, however, remained on her mind, and one day she came back, more

confident about herself. She is now the successful owner of Infinite Charm, a contemporary

jewelry line, which is sold everywhere from the T-Galleria in Tumon to the Guam Museum

in Hagåtña.

Losing her job because of gender identity is something she’s turned around to ensure

others on Guam wouldn’t be faced with the same kind of discrimination. Upon returning on

island, she testified in a public hearing for the Employment Non-discrimination Act. She

helped found ISA Guam, an organization that networks members of the LGBTQ community

to raise their visibility and eventually begin an LGBTQ chamber of commerce. She’s even

been tapped by the Guam Visitors Bureau to develop a plan to make Guam a safe and

desirable place for LGBTQ visitors, a place where they’ll want to vacation and get married.

“I told myself I would never come back to Guam unless I was self-sustaining. Being fired

from [my job], I wanted to make sure if I came home, I’d have my own business and no one

could fire me. All the things I went through, all the challenges and obstacles and the fact

that I had to keep moving from place to place to place after being outed, running away from

discrimination and bullying, have all contributed to the things I’m doing now and have

made me a stronger person,” Lasia says.


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