Guam Pride: Brian Borja

June 28, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

“Every project and piece of communication must be creatively curated to showcase the beauty of our people, culture, and tradition,” Brian Borja, sales and marketing manager for the Guam Visitors Bureau, says.

At 29, he lives and breathes marketing, ensuring Guam shines brilliantly on the map for the island’s Japan market. “I've learned to develop quality work in the dynamic and very fast-paced world of international marketing. My work has taken me all over the Asia-Pacific region, and, sometimes, beyond, but it is not all glamorous. Each overseas mission raises the level of work output and quality of expectations. Our island expects us to deliver positive results in order to derive the best benefits for all residents, and we take this to heart in every task put forth and every project executed locally or internationally,” Brian explains.

There’s no doubt he’s a success professionally at such a young age, a reflection of his personal life, where he’s also been pretty successful in family and love as an openly gay man. “My older sister has always been a shield of strength, light of confidence, and example of acceptance for me since I was a baby and well into my adult years,” he admits. “From her, I have learned to be confidently comfortable with myself and to surround myself with people who want to do good for the world. Also, my parents have always accepted the loud, somewhat tall, seemingly smart, and always-looking-for-a-cool blazer Brian.”

And it all comes together with the love of his life, Kenneth Quintanilla, a former KUAM news reporter who’s recently entered the marketing world with Docomo Pacific. “He was my first boyfriend. We shared love without expectations and lived caringly with family and friends. Together, we graduated from college (go Tritons!), landed our first jobs, grew professionally, and developed a family of our own, with our 9-year-old Chihuahua Penny,” Brian reveals. “Although my immediate family lives thousands of miles away in the state of Washington, I know I have a family in Guam with Ken’s two sisters, three nieces, eight nephews, parents, and queen Penny. Everyday begins with a kiss off to work and ends with a cuddle to sleep (if I’m lucky), and I could not be happier. We argue, we eat, we travel, we cry, but I always find a way to let him win. It is cheesy to say but true as can be that the days are better, nights more beautiful, and life more fulfilling with Kenneth Vergara Quintanilla, my chip-loving, entertainment-obsessed, CD-collecting neni boy. He was my first boyfriend and will be my last, as we soon will be husbands.”

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