Once in a Blue Moon

August 16, 2017 Juvy Dichoso

It’s not every day you get to dine with the genius behind the top-selling craft beer in America.  And in July, a lucky few did just that with a special Kitchen Lingo twist.

Blue Moon Belgian White and its iconic orange wheel garnish made its Guam debut with Keith Villa, the man behind the flavors. He's the head brewmaster at Blue Moon Brewing Company who elevated the standard wheat ale Belgian recipe with hints of bright Valencia orange peel and herbaceous coriander. The brew is perfect with your everyday meal or paired with a menu prepared by a skilled chef like Chef Lingo Quichocho. During the one-night-only dinner, Lingo sourced local ingredients to complement Blue Moon’s crisp and creamy varieties while Keith shared how it all began.

Although not yet on Guam, the brewery also creates a variety of other standard and seasonal flavors, which could reach our shores in the future.


‡ Course 1:
Brew: Blue Moon Belgian White

Dinner began with the flagship taste of Blue Moon Belgian White. To complement the brew’s smooth, citrusy finish, Chef Lingo roasted florets of cauliflower until buttery, akin to his wildly popular Brussels sprouts. For contrast, fresh, briny Hamachi was dotted with a refreshing mint salsa verde.

Brew: Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat

In a delicate balancing act of sweetness, Chef Lingo’s second course featured kernels of corn, tart balsamic cherries, and crab nestled in boats of crisp gem lettuce. It was the perfect accompaniment to Blue Moon’s Summer Honey Wheat, crafted with clover honey and orange peel.

‡ Course 3:
Brew: Blue Moon Belgian White

Blue Moon’s Belgian White returned to anchor the evening’s main feature. It was a feast of contrasting flavors beginning with roasted potatoes and salmon filets, bitter radicchio mellowed with sweet fennel, and butter orange miso. Just as flavorful, game hen was bold, herbaceous, paired with contrasting textures of spaghetti squash and toothsome burdock.

‡ Course 4:
Brew: Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale

Ending on a sweet note, Chef Lingo presented a showstopper using Blue Moon’s spicy Cinnamon Horchata Ale. A nutty miso brown butter crumble sat atop apples bathed in a pool of caramel. It was the platform for a creamy frozen cinnamon milk, echoing the tingles of the cinnamon beer.

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