Free the Nipple

September 19, 2017 Jasmine Asuncion

ā€‹Ok so I AM going to be talking a little tit, I mean, a little bit about the no-bra-wearing campaign. At its core, “Freeing the Nipple” is about equality. A lot of people don’t understand the movement and just see it as a venue for women to show off their susus. I want to brief you on a couple things that helped me convince my macho man of a boyfriend to accept the cause of this crusade. 

It is a common misconception that the act of women showing their lovely lady lumps is illegal. It’s actually perfectly legal in all but three states (Utah, Indiana, and Tennessee). So then why is it heralded as public indecency? A little history lesson: In the early 1930s, several men in NYC were arrested for going topless. These men knew it wasn’t right and fought back until they were heard. They not only changed the law but social consciousness as well. And by 1936, a man’s exposed chest was accepted as the norm. It’s just a nipple, guys.

Who gets to draw the line between what’s pornographic and what’s plain ol’ female anatomy?

It’s natural, and honestly makes more sense that a woman has nips than a man. It nourishes our children. So why is it treated like it’s not normal? I hope you join me and millions around the world in “stripping” away the taboo of baring a woman’s nipple (pun intended).

Jasmine Asuncion is a full-time glamazon, follow her @baddiejazzie.

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