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September 19, 2017 Staff Writer

You can’t bring the Tokyo nightlife experience to Guam without having George and Akira of 2Wasted as part of the mix. We caught up with George, half of the dynamic duo, before they headlined LIT AF in Tokyo.

Were you guys always planning to DJ?

Back when we met, we never actually thought we were gonna be DJs, to be honest. Akira worked at a Surf Shop and I was in a punk rock band! (Laughs) We used to skateboard and go clubbing a lot together. I started out spinning rock music at a small rock bar in Tokyo just for fun and Akira was kinda into DJ-ing as well around that time. We decided to form a duo and name ourselves 2Wasted. The first few years we just did it for fun, spinning for friends’ birthday parties and stuff. There was this huge international Halloween event in Tokyo that we were luckily able to spin at that changed our career. It was definitely our biggest gig back then, and we just had so much fun seeing people going crazy in front of us. That’s when Akira and Me were like, “Let’s do this!”

We heard that you and Akira met when you were wasted. How exactly did that go down?

(Laughs) Well, that is definitely true. I was [pretty wasted] out clubbing with my friends from Hawaii that were in Tokyo as models one night [when] suddenly this other drunk dude popped out of no where and started talking to my model friends! That was Akira! (Laughs) I don’t know how or why, but we became super good friends that night and started hanging out like, everyday, from then on.


Sounds like you loved Tokyo at night!

The Tokyo nightlife scene is awesome! It just never ends! You can literally party ‘til lunch time if you want to. (Laughs) We met Gabby [The Image] as well in the night scene when we were playing at a club in Tokyo called Feria. She invited us to play at one of her events and we just fell in love with her crew since then! We did so many great events together and they are definitely the best people to go out on a crazy night with. If you party with Gabby, Image , and 2Wasted you will never leave the club sober! There are many clubs and bars that play all kinds of music so you’ll never get bored. Compared to the states the music trend is kinda slower in Japan, so EDM is still pretty huge here. But music like Hip hop and Trap/Dubstep are becoming bigger and bigger every month. There are many underground music scenes in Tokyo as well for people who are into stuff like that. The party just never ends even if you want it to sometimes. Tokyo definitely is the best place to have a wasted night. 

2Wasted has shared the stage with many big names in the EDM scene. Who was your favorite artist to share the stage with?

Boombox Cartel was definitely one of the most inspiring artists we shared a stage with. They are duos as well and make amazing tracks, so it was great meeting them and talking. They were both amazing people! [Another one] I probably won’t forget is opening up for The Chemical Brothers at a huge arena in Yokohama. The visuals were just mind-blowing!

Anyone you looking forward to share the stage with?

Artists I would love to share the stage with right now would definitely be Kayzo, Party Favor, Crankdat, Rezz, and Jai Wolf. I’d also love to see Ghastly and Mija again. They are all amazing producers and DJs, and they are just killing it right now. I would love to share stages with non-EDM artists too, like Blink 182, Green Day, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We’re excited to hear you play on Guam! How are you guys feeling about LIT AF?

We are so excited! It’s our first time in Guam, so we can’t wait to meet everyone there and make new friends! I just love meeting new people! Let’s all party and get wasted together! (Laughs)

Any cool projects you guys are working on?

At the moment I’m in a crew called “BassSick Official” in Tokyo. We are a team of DJs and producers [who] are trying to spread and introduce the bass music scene all over Japan. I’m also finishing up a track with a very talented hard style duo called Lutez. I’m also working with some other talented producers in Tokyo like Naasa, Allen Mock, Herbalistek, Tha Boogie Bandit and Jilla. So be on the look out for some new music from Tokyo!

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