#GIRLSQUAD Costume Ideas

October 18, 2017 Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner!

And we're excited to see what costumes will be at Grind House 2!

Here's our list of four costume "themes" that you can pull off with your

#GIRLSQUAD this Halloween.  πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

They don't want no scrub.

1. A 90s #GIRLSQUAD: Spice Girls, TLC, Destiny's Child

We would suggest the Spice Girls because there's something for everyone in your #GIRLSQUAD. However, going as TLC or Destiny's Child is just as good and you can easily shop the camo and silver space age looks at Forever21. 

The Spice Girls are one of the most influential pop groups of all time and super stylish. Watch YouTube makeup artists like Laura Lee and PatrickStarrr Spice Girl-inspired makeup tutorials here. Here's how to shop your Spice Girls costume:
Ginger Spice -- You need a union jack dress that you can pair with booties or over the knee boots.
Posh Spice -- You will need strapless black mini-dress, with a black bob wig, and black heeled sandals (either two strap or lace-up). 
Scary Spice -- You will need a leopard printed catsuit paired with black heels or leopard printed shoes. Here's a tutorial on her hairstyle.
Baby Spice -- You will need a pink mini-dress with white booties or pumps. Not forgetting her classic hairstyle which you can learn how to do here.
Sporty Spice -- You will need Adidas track pants and a bright colored sports bra (think lime-green and orange). For your shoes, you can use your running shoes. Your hair will be up in a high pony tail and you'll also need to draw in a barbed wire tattoo on your upper arm.

Spice Girls

Destiny's Child are R&B icons who have inspired many other artists like Ciara, Rihanna, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, and HAIM. You can channel this camo look this Halloween: Camo Bralette, Camo Cropped Sweater, or Camo Trousers. Add black combat boots and accessorize with silver jewelry. Don't forget the lipgloss.

TLC. No Scrubs. Waterfalls. And inspiring fashion moments. How to Channel TLC this Halloween: oversized trackies paired with a matching sports bra.



2. A #GIRLSQUAD from a musical like the Pink Ladies from Grease 

The Pink Ladies from GREASE are classic female group. You can pull off this look with a pink bomber or do a fresh take with pink denim jackets. Script "Pink Ladies" on the back with a marker, embroider it if you wanna be fancy. Accessorize with a neckerchief, pink nail polish, and pair the look with white sneakers and black leggings.

3. TV Show #GIRLSQUAD: Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, AHS Season 3 (Coven)

Pretty Little Liars. What you need is a cut-out black dress and black heels. Tights are optional. And mud brown eyeshadow to create the dirty secret look.

American Horror Story's Season 3 was one of the most stylish seasons. Squad Tip: Let everyone pick their favorite character and shop each other's closet for the looks. 

Riverdale is one of the most popular dramas to come out this year. The characters that you should definitely include in your squad are Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Archie. Shop each others closets for these looks.

4. A  #GIRLSQUAD from movies like Mean Girls, Bring it On (Clovers), Harry Potter, Wonder Woman(Amazonians)

Mean Girls is a classic and there's so many options to choose from, whether it's their Jingle Bell Rock ensemble, Halloween costumes, or the movie poster itself. #sofetch

Bring It On came out in 2000 and the world has been cheertastic ever since. The Torros were cool but somehow the Clovers always seemed a lot cooler. You can purchase these cheer uniforms for your girl gang here.

Harry Potter changed the lives of many around the world and numerous people take online quizzes to determine which Hogwarts House they belong to. Rep your house this Halloween with items from Black Milk Clothing

Wonder Woman was a hit this year! Well it depends on who you ask, but we still think she looked FIERCE along with her fellow Amazonians. You can DIY your costume or purchase one here.

Image from Brit + Co.



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