Binge-watch your heart out with these supernatural shows

October 25, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

While you're waiting for those mini-Pennywises to come knocking for candy, gather around your favorite viewing device for a spooky Halloween binge-fest.  We've featured three shows that dabble with the dark, picks that are also more fun than scare. No need to hide under the blanket this time. 

1. Lost Girl - Netflix

In "Lost Girl," Bo is a beautiful drifter with a dangerous touch. She discovers she belongs to an underworld of mythical beings and refuses to choose between the Light and Dark Fae.  As the unaligned succubus, Bo eats people's sex chi to live, and she must learn to control her urges or continue to kill. Short of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, this show is chock-full of legends, beasts and monsters of lore locked in a battle between good, evil and humans. The spooky effects aren't the best in this show, but there's plenty of hilarious sidekicks, bizarre love triangles and easy to watch episodes to make up for it. It's basically Charmed meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer with lots and lots of sex. 


2. Carmilla - YouTube 

Few things feel more Halloweeny than a good vampire story.   Enter "Carmilla," a unique web series about a college student whose roommate goes Missing. Laura turns her web journalism project into a means of unraveling the mysterious disappearances of young coeds. Her roommate is immediately replaced with brooding Carmilla, a goth vampire harboring campus secrets. The show is full of witty dialogue led by its majority female, (mostly queer) cast. 

This is a very different kind of series with episodes averaging between three and five minutes long, completely told through Laura's single dorm room webcam perspective. It's also loosely based on the gothic novella of the same name, which came out a whole 25 years before Bram Stokers  "Dracula" (hashtag vampire feminism). There are three seasons you can blow through in a matter of hours, and just your luck, the "Carmilla Movie" drops Oct. 26. 

3. Deadbeat - Hulu

Although it's general premise is just like others, Hulu's "Deadbeat" isn't your typical 'medium- helps-spirits-find-their-way-to-the-light' kind of show. Instead, you've got Pac, a bumbling idiot who smokes lots of weed while helping the distressed dead of New York. The reasons holding them back from crossing over, however, are sometimes fairly petty. The first episode sends Pac searching for a dead man's girlfriend to lose his ghostly virginity. In a shroom-induced hallucination, Pac helps a ghost tapeworm find its way back to Mexico to be with its family. Yeah, it's pretty dumb and pretty darn funny. 


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