October 25, 2017 Staff Writer

You might find Iowani Unpingco up in the sky on his way to work. He's in the fast lane as one of Guam's most sought after makeup artists. He's grown as a social media influencer with over 49,000 Instagram followers to boot, and we're eager to see where he's headed to next!  ✈︎



What are your favorite things about growing up on Guam?

Being with my family everyday, eating all the different kinds of local foods, and knowing that the beach is a short drive away.

What were you doing before you became a make up artist?

No idea, I've been a makeup artist since birth. I came out with a whole set of MAC brushes and have been preparing to beat faces ever since LOL.

When did you notice your career taking off?

I guess you can say when I started getting more calls and emails than the usual to set appointments and when offers come to me to work abroad on projects as a makeup artists, you start to think, WOW I must be doing something right.☺️

Any particular peeves about make up trends -- here and globally?

No, not really. Personally, I don't think there is really a wrong way to apply make up. Although, the crazy "trends" we see these days can be very entertaining. Makeup is fun and your face is the canvas. If the squiggle brows and squiggle lips make you happy, ROCK ON!

What animal is your spirit animal?

Tiger.πŸ… They are powerful, fast, fierce, and beautiful. 

What three things can always be found in your bag?

Brow products, Versace cologne, and sour patch candy.

Any advice for people wanting to try or do makeup?

Play, enjoy, experiment! Makeup should always be a fun thing to play with, if you want to use that purple lipstick, USE IT! If you want to try glitter eye shadows, TRY IT! If anything goes wrong, you can always wipe it off. It's not like it's a butt tattoo lol. 

Any last words?

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