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November 7, 2017 Ana Vuki

Millennials. Love. To travel.  It's a lot easier to travel nowadays with cheap flights, discounted hostels, and the wealth of information available on the interwebs. 

I've compiled a list of travel YouTubers that you should add to your YouTube binge sessions and who might entice you to just buy the ticket and get on the plane. These adventurers will inspire your wanderlust and desires to seek new adventures! βœˆοΈŽ 

1. Damon + Jo β€οΈ

Damon and Jo are 90s kids who have created a travel show for the social media generation. They are also polyglots that make videos every week whether it be in English, French, or Portuguese. And they also have some really useful travel tip videos like How to Avoid Getting Mugged. I love them because they speak so many languages, which tbh is #GOALS. I also love how they travel affordably which means if they can do it, anyone can!

2. Erwan Heussaff 


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Erwan is a Manila based vlogger who is half Filipino and half French. He makes videos about food, cocktails, travel, and health and fitness. If you love food and you love to travel, this channel is for you. He has a series titled Overnight, where he spends a few days in different cities throughout Asia. 

About the Series:


Overnight is a travel and food show for today’s traveler and we’ve been working on this web series for 4 months now. In today’s time hungry world, people want to try and experience so much in so little time. In fact, we discovered that most people travelling around Asia would spend on average 36 to 72 hours in any given capital city. So we decided to the same thing. Overnight will go through 5 large Asian cities (Taipei, Saigon, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Seoul) and will attempt to show you what you can do during those precious few hours you have in the metropolis. From drinking, eating, discovering new cultures all the way up to clubbing. Overnight’s got you covered.

3. Hey Nadine


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Nadine is that one person you follow on Instagram that has the perfect travel grams and you can't hate her because she's so sweet. She has a ton of great tips and travel advice on her channel!

4. Fun For Louis 


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Louis is a daily travel vlogger and he is currently doing a round the world trip, where he flies a plane with his friend and they visit different countries around the world.

5. Backpacking Bananas β€οΈ

Christianne's channel has a lot of tips for backpackers and tips for working on the road. She has worked in Australia and backpacked throughout Central America. Her videos are inspirational and purposeful. I love her backpacking tips videos and her experiences about living in different countries like Australia and New Zealand. 

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