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November 24, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez


ALDH: Jonah Posadas, Jay Aguero, Brandon  Baldwin and Jase Mendiola form A Long Drive Home. Photos courtesy of

Ten original tracks mark the self-titled album of a new band packed with seasoned musicians. A Long Drive Home's long-awaited debut drops today on the iTunes store, Spotify, CD Baby and the Google Play Store for your downloading pleasure.

A Long Drive Home seems relatively new to the island's music scene, although its sound and faces seem quite familiar. Members Brandon Baldwin, Jase Mendiola, Jonah Posadas and Jay Aguero are all former members of the defunct band Flinched, a Guam rock staple that played live shows for more than a decade. 

This new band, however, is refreshed, hungry to share its talents beyond the alternative rock screamo covers they're known for,  vocalist and guitarist Brandon says. 

"I actually just wanted to write music that's more relatable in every aspect," he says. "Every song is a different story. When you hear 'Letters to Ashes,' that's a sad song. When you hear 'Breathe,' some people look at is a sad song, some people look at is hope. 'Our Getaway,' is a happy song. There's a song in there about being cheated on and there's a song in there about being a good parent."

Bassist Jase says the album taps into the softer side of its members and counts on music's universal language appeal.

Bass: Jase Mendiola

"You don't have to understand English to know how this song makes you feel," he says. "For us, when we write music, if we're able to tap into some sort of emotion that you can attach yourself to, then we've done our job. If it makes you feel a certain way, then we've done our job. That's the whole point of music, to bring out that emotion, make you vulnerable, make you sad or happy. It helps heal you and it helps you move on. That's the type of stuff you're going to get off this album."

Drums: Jay Aguero 


On the heels of the full album drop, the band  released a music video to "Breathe." They connected with Ryan Bustamante of Acoustic Attack and filmmaker Brian Muna to create a stunning visual companion. 

The members say they feel good about finally putting their efforts toward a new album as well as seeing themselves go from stage to music video. 

"It's pretty amazing to know we started recording music in a garage, under a canopy," Jase says.  "We stayed consistent and we worked hard and we just didn't give up. A lot of people tend to get as far as they can and they lose interest. But we had a goal and this is our goal and we wanted and we want to make that push to really shoot for our dreams and make the best of this."

 Lead vocals/guitar: Brandon Baldwin

An album release party is in the works so keep an eye on the group's Facebook page and other social media sites as well as for more details. Hard copies of the album also will be available later. 

Guitar/keyboard: Jonah Posadas 


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