Ladera Linn

December 3, 2017 Cami Egurrola

Name: Ladera Linn


Age: 21
Village: Ipan
Occupation: Student

Been to:
Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Niseko), Korea (Seoul), Hong Kong, Canada, U.S.A. (West Coast, Hawaii), India (Agra, Jaipur and Delhi), Bali (Ubud and Munduk), Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket)

Favorite location:
Bali, Indonesia

Travel tips:

Eating options
I am a foodie at heart and wherever I travel to I always make it a priority to eat authentic local style
foods. One of the best ways to learn about different cultures is to learn about their food - how it is
prepared, what are the main ingredients, what does the normal diet consist of. Stray away from touristy spots. Travel is not only an adventure for the mind but also the taste buds! My rule is that I will try everything once! Disengage the normal boundaries you set for yourself, there are no rules when it comes to tasting and I say, go for it!

Although I am an advocate for the adventurous eater, I must alsogive you a fair warning, when eating foods your body is definitely not used to, it may react. To this I respond - Pepto Bismol, Rolaids and common sense. Be wary of street foods that look like they’ve been sitting for a while, or are in unsanitary conditions. The last thing you want is to get sick on your trip.

Packing for a trip
Hygiene is key! Of course, you have all your travel essentials (cute outfits, comfy shoes etc.) but an
incredibly important but often overlooked travel essential is your hygiene kit. I always pack baby wipes, hand sanitizer, anddeodorant. A lot of the places I have traveled to are in hot climates, this means as a tourist you’ll most likely be walking around exploring a lot and this often results in sweating. Stay clean, stay fresh, and take that hand sanitizer with you everywhere. When I travel, I like to get down and dirty, whether it be touching elephants, or running around in rice fields, get the most out of your experience.

Research, Research, Research! Trip Advisor is life! Read reviews, find deals, and plan but not too much. Always leave some time to explore! I love to plan my itinerary but once I arrive to my destination, I talk to the locals and ask what is a must see, or do. The more you investigate the more you discover cool secret spots that allow you a peek into the local lifestyle.

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