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December 11, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

Name: Krista Perez 
Age: 24 
Village: Windward Hills 
Occupation: Life Insurance Account Specialist 

Been to: France, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Oregon, Canada, U.S.A. (New York, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, California, Florida, Washington, Texas, Arizona and Virginia)

Favorite location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Travel tip:

Saving for travel
I spend weeks, even months researching the location I am visiting. Agoda, Kayak, and Trip Advisor are my life savers for any trip. I always compare costs on multiple travel websites including the original hotel link. In addition, I read reviews on Trip Advisor to help make the decision in narrowing down my choices. 

• Research costs months ahead 
• Create an itinerary from start to finish  
• Pre-purchase tours, activities, or any tickets ahead if possible 
• Purchase tickets as early as three months before your trip, no later than four weeks prior (costs will dramatically increase) 
• Calculate total costs needed for the trip including food, housing, transportation, airline, activities. etc.
• As soon as you can, start placing money aside every pay day after you break down the total amount needed.  

Airport food is always costly! Try to make the best of the meals served on the airplane or check in with food in your hand carry.  During a long layover, if it is less than 24 hours, hack it out by sleeping in the waiting area rather than spending $100 plus on a hotel. If you must stay in a hotel, try to avoid hotels within the actual airport. Instead, book one outside of the airport district. Try to skip eating out once a day. Bring ready to go meals during your travel or purchase food in bulk to snack on rather than eating out. Set your money aside for each activity, I personally put money in individual envelopes throughout my trip. 

Look for all day passes for public transportation or activities.  Avoid taxis, take the metro or Uber/Lyft instead. If the weather permits, skip public transportation and walk. Research travel apps that you can benefit from through online coupons for additional discounts. Research tipping customs in the country or state you are in, you may be able to get away without leaving a tip being that it is frowned upon. If shopping is on your agenda, save it for the very last day of your trip! Try not to shop for souvenirs, clothing, gifts, etc. throughout your trip.


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