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December 5, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez



Each month, we're featuring a different guest artist to give us their take on the UNO logo, and we're sharing it across all our platforms. If you'd like to be a featured artist for our design takeover, send us a DM on Instagram @unomagazineguam. 

UNO Logo takeover courtesy of Scotty Duenas.

Here it is. We're kicking off our monthly UNO logo series with a man who's helped shape the iconic look of local streetwear. Scotty Duenas, a former in-house creative for Crowns Guam, centered the UNO logo on a slant, interlacing it with an almost baby blue "Guam."  Right below it, he's repping with a mini logo "UNO (uh-no) it's SBOOM."

Scotty "SBOOM" Duenas @sboom

All his life, all Scooty's wanted to do was design, a passion that ignited early while surrounded by the lights and cameras of the media. 

"I would follow my mom to work and learn every angle of the company, (I think I got some people in trouble for doing their jobs at times," he remembers. "On a casual, 'bring your son to work day,' I stumbled on one of the computers that had Photoshop, and I was hooked creating Easter, birthday and Christmas cards."

He'd use tools and programs without training, learning as he went along. By age 12, he was mocking up designs for his mom's friends with the hopes of one day having his own designs printed on T-shirts. 


By high school, he'd have his wish. Scotty was gifted a Macbook Pro, a tool that helped fast-track his creativity. His designs began appearing on class T-shirts and he'd also mix songs and create flyers as a side hustle. All his energy was funneled into design until he left in 2011 for the Fashion Institute of Design in California. There, he sharpened his skills while networking with passionate creatives just like himself. 


Scotty's Crowns x Miller collab contribution. 


Armed with an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design, he was picked up by Crowns in 2014, reigning as their in-house creative for a year. 


"Today, I have collaborated with brands and companies to help exclusive products reach a global audience," Scotty says. "Now, I am more than humbled to be Uno's first cover art artist, adding to the growing list of collaborations ending 2017. I would like to thank my family and friends, past and present, for proving me wrong and showing up right. Thank you to everybody who has given me an opportunity to grow their companies and to those that rocked with me on these chapters. AxL, Dizzy Inc. + KICKS/HI, SPK22, Crowns Guam, Paradise, the LostBoys, theHeartbreakers, Eli, Melliza, U. Mel, Marv, Goldtooth, Husk and Grind, Ian Eats, WPC, Coffee Slut, Beautiful Fül and everybody that pays art. Quit Quittin'. Momma, I love you forever!"






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