Drinkable Christmas Specials

December 20, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

In the words of the easily excitable Buddy the Elf, Santa's coming!! There are just a few days left until Christmas and if you're all about the holiday treats, you better jump on that sleigh. This week we're taking swigs from a few holiday specialty beverages from different locations. Try them out and if you've tasted something else that's lit your Christmas tongue, let us know! 

1. Eggnog Frost - Cup & Saucer

There's a very distinct flavor in eggnog that if you don't taste it, you're not drinking it right.  That unmistakable flavor is the sweet spice nutmeg and if you're on the hunt for it, look no further than the eggnog offerings at Cup & Saucer. We're in love with the Eggnog Frost because there are plenty of tiny specks of woodsy, aromatic nutmeg mixed into the icy and creamy treat. For an authentic eggnog touch, spike your cup with a little bit of bourbon when no one's  looking.  You've got to provide that yourself, of course. 

Cost: $5.95 + $1 optional whipped cream 

2.  Candy Cane Frappe - Infusion Coffee & Tea 

It's thick, it's milky, cool and refreshing - Infusion's Candy Cane Frappe looks like the liquified version of everyone's favorite peppermint treat.  Unlike regular candy canes, however, it's pretty light on the peppermint. So if you're looking for just a hint of holiday kick, this drink's for you. 

Cost: $5.75 

3. Gingerbread Latte - Port of Mocha

Port of Mocha's simple latte made of milk and shots of espresso is the perfect canvas for additional flavors. Ask for gingerbread and you'll get a wallop of warming spices to your fancy cup of joe. If you're not into coffee, you can ask for the flavor in other beverages, including spicy chai. 

Cost: $5.20

4.  Holiday Cookie Frappe - Patisserie Parisco

Patisserie PariSco's fancy Holiday Cookie Frappe is layered with all kinds of flavors, making it more than just a syrupy sipper. It's complex in all the right places with a delicate hint of peppermint blended into a  walnut brownie background.  It's topped with whipped cream and rainbow crystal sugar sprinkles that look just like little ornaments dangling from a Christmas tree. 

Cost: $7.25

5. Peppermint White Chocolate Shake - Jack in the Box 

Real ice cream? Premium white chocolate peppermint syrup? Peppermint bark with a cherry on top? Those aren't exactly the ingredients you'd expect from a fast-food joint. But Jack's packing this Christmas with his festive Peppermint White Chocolate Shake. "The only way it could taste more like the holidays is if you enjoyed it while wearing an awesome holiday sweater of Jack riding a flying reindeer, high-fiving a snowman drinking a Peppermint White Chocolate Shake," according to the Jack in the Box website. Frankly, we couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

Cost: $4.49 


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