Cheesy Holiday Movies

December 22, 2017 Lacee A.C. Martinez

Christmas is but a couple days out so naturally, we've got to talk about holiday movies. Today, however, we're ice skating away from our favorites and obvious recommendations to discuss a guilty pleasure: cheesy Christmas movies. These are the Hallmarkish, Lifetime network kind of flicks, the ones your mom and grandma aren't ashamed to watch and the ones you low-key might be addicted to. They are the cheese ball, corny movies full of broken hearts to be mended and sappy, ridiculously bad love stories. 

There's a formula to these movies, factors that keep people watching even if it's the same plot, same scenario, but different actors or locations for different films. 

1. It's Sentimental

As grownups, we're loaded with responsibilities. We've got work, bills, kids, maybe. Watching some of these movies transport us back to when we were carefree.  Maybe it's the sight of Santa Claus in these movies, the man who we once believed brought us presents (now we give them). Or maybe it reminds us of better days spending time with the family watching cheesy movies with Grandma.


"Christmas in the City" follows one woman trying to save her dead father's candy shop. She goes into to the city to work a holiday job, runs into Santa and finds love in between. Santa Claus, check. 


2. Christmas Magic

Faries, elves, Santa, they all fall into the realm of the mystical and magical. I mean, what's more magical than a man flying around the world on a led sleigh delivering packages down a chimney?  In these movies, however, the magic is often goofy and not always cleverly blended into the scenes, which makes it ultra corny.  But, we suspend reality, anyway, for a moment and buy into whatever magic they're conjuring. 


"Back to Christmas" has that magical charm.  A lonely woman at Christmas wishes she could go back in time to correct a failed relationship. Then a  kooky lady pops up and suddenly the woman travels back in time for a second chance. Goofy, check. Magic, check. 

3. Christmas Miracles 

Different from magic, miracles often involve supernatural powers of a higher being, sometimes the big G-O-D or S-A-N-T-A. Or it involves a life-changing event or moment that evokes the Christmas spirit, inspiring a change of heart. Christmas miracles give you the feels and make you all warm and cuddly for the moment while you forget about your own reality. 


"Angels in the Snow" is a feel-good movie about a disconnected family learning to love again when they take in a family caught in a snowstorm. In true cheesy Christmas movie fashion, this tale of kindness in the midst of tension has an M.Night Shyamalan twist. Miracles, check. Change of heart, check.  






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