Sarah Takegawa

January 2, 2018 Lacee A.C. Martinez


Each month, we're featuring a different guest artist to give us their take on the UNO logo, and we're sharing it across all our platforms. If you'd like to be a featured artist for our design takeover, send us a DM on Instagram @unomagazineguam. 


UNO logo by Sarah Takegawa

It's a new month in a new year, and we're making way for a new artist in our UNO Logo Takeover series.

Sarah Takegawa

The skeletal take on our beloved logo was designed by 20-year-old Sarah Takegawa of Talofofo. Born and raised on Guam, she also spent a few impressionable years living in Japan with her mother's family. And that experience, she says, was enough to impact her creative style.

"I fell in love with Japanese traditional art, such as ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) and calligraphy," she says. "I try to incorporate all these aspects of Japanese culture in my artwork."


Sarah Takegawa's water color and ink take on the famous Utamaro's woodblock print.

Sarah's style, however, is a mix of other influences, including Japan's emerging skateboard, illustrated in her UNO logo.


"I was gifted my first Santa Cruz skateboard, and I immediately fell in love with skateboard art by legends like Jim Phillips and Sean Cliver," she says. "Both these styles of art have stuck with me and grown into what my style is today. I like to combine both the technical aspect of Japanese art and the graphic aspect of skateboard art with my love for graphic design to create my own personal style."


She used a drawing tablet to create the Uno image, echoing those clean, Japanese lines. The skeleton climbing out of the linear abyss is a nod to Sean Cliver's skeletons, images she obsessed over as a kid and still depicts today. 


Sarah says she isn't heading toward an art degree, but she strives to work hard on her art and grow her craft.

"Art has blessed me in more ways than I can count," she says. "I only hope to share it as much as I can and learn from it as much as I can." 


You can view and purchase Sarah's art via Twitter @sarahtakegawa or via Society6 at






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