January 22, 2018 Ryan Jesus

Kyle Twardowski, a local photographer / filmmaker, who had recently relocated to Houston, Texas has just released his latest body of work entitled, Tourismatic. 

Tourismatic is essentially an e-photobook that dives into the thriving tourist culture on Guam. It is a compilation of over 50 black and white high resolution photos that have been taken over a period of 6 months. As a result we are given a series of beautifully contrasted photos capturing real, everyday people, enjoying what our tiny island has to offer.

Being that the series is in black and white, it also leaves a little bit of mystery in each photo as well as a sense of timelessness. Tourismatic also expresses just how important tourists are to our island's economy from a more grounded and personal perspective. 

Guam is not only a shopping destination for tourists, but more of a temporary escape. Tourists come here because it's a place they can forget all about the stress of their daily lives. It's Paradise. In the end, we need them just as much as they need us. 

Twardowski has lived on Guam for six years. He picked up photography around 2013, but didn't start taking it seriously around 2016, when he decided that maybe he could do this for the rest of his life. 

"I began this specific project at the end of 2016 with no real expectation, meaning I didn't think this would be something to pursue, but hey, the tourist started to attract me. So I began people watching. And over the time I spent in the tourist districts, I didn't want to interact with them, that wasn't the point. I wanted to tell their story without ever talking, being a fly on the wall, if you will. The quirky movements and clothing kept me going back to capture the next laughable moment." 

With Tourismatic ,Twardowski wanted to take a different approach to showcasing his work, since social media is over-saturated with other aspiring photographers. Also, with his e-photobooks, Twardowski is able to release photos as a group, also forcing him to stay consistent and meet deadlines for other projects. 

"Most photographers on the island just walk by tourists, but they have so much to say. They themselves have their own story, but nobody ever tells it. Too busy taking sunset photos I suppose." 

Tourismatic will soon be followed up by other e-photobooks that will be released quarterly throughout the year. 

If you'd like to see more of Kyle Twardowski's work, you could check out his social media links down below, as well as his website where you will be able to purchase Tourismatic for just $5 as well as his other projects in the near future. 



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