Editor's Picks: Style Icons

January 21, 2018 Ana Vuki

A roundtable of our style icons.

UNO Team 


She's an icon to me because she's everything I want to be: colorful, sexy, and powerful. Another thing that draws me to Beyoncé is her body type, she's thicc. Lol. - Cami





I love she embraces the island vibe  but she also has a solid streetwear look as well. I identify with her because she is constantly changing her look by trying out different hair styles, fashion trends, and venturing into new paths like music, fashion, beauty, and acting. She's a jack of all trades and it shows in her style. - Cami




Tyler the Creator

He has a carefree and effortless style. I can see myself wearing everything he wears. He has a great taste and selection of streetwear brands. I love his use of shorts, denim, and trousers that he'll combine with classic shoes. He has a dope overall skater look, which something I'm going for these days. Plus, his designs for Vans and Converse are unique and cool. -Ryan




Pharrell Williams

I love his use of colors and he can wear ANYTHING. He literally has no comfort zone. He has a unique design taste and I love the way he blends streetwear and high-end looks. Pharrell is both inspirational and admirable in fashion and music. -Ryan

Drake in the Winter

I envy his winter style because I can't pull it off on Guam. I feel like it fits my personality and his style can be thug and classy at the same time. It has a cool east coast vibe mixed with 90s hip hop. - D.C.

The  90s classic Skater Look

I'm not really into fashion like the rest of the team. I'm a simple guy. I stick to the classics like American Eagle jeans, plain t-shirts, and Vans. I like the style in Lords of Dogtown. I don't really have a style icon because I just keep it simple.  I also like a casual surfer vibe. -Mylz Q.

Christine Centenera

She's the fashion director of Vogue Australia and her style is edgy, classic, and always involves an interesting design element-- whether it's a shoe or the cut of a dress. She can take something feminine and add an element of edginess and vice versa. - Ana

Emma Watson 

I love Emma's style because she is an advocate for sustainable style and she practices what she preaches. Her style is intelligent, elegant, and timeless. I feel like she is our generation's Audrey Hepburn, where we will still be studying her style 30 years later.  -Ana




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