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March 21, 2018 Ryan Jesus

Momentum has been on the side of Guam-born creative, Brandon Espiritu. He has had recent success with the latest release from his clothing brand, ALOT, as well as photographing high-profile models like Kristina Chai and up-and-coming rappers like MADEINTYO

Espiritu also recently made the transition from photographer to model. It was an organic transition and allowed Espiritu to transform his Instagram into his professional portfolio, showcasing himself, his lifestyle, his sense of style, and most importantly, his humor. 

Last September, while in San Diego, Espiritu was with his best bud/brother/chingu (Korean for sibling), Eric Lee. The two of them decided to live on the edgier side of life. They walked into the Skechers department store with the objective to steer away from the trends and walk the road less traveled. 

"It was that day that I realized, my purpose on this earth amounted to being the biggest hype man the Skechers brand has ever encountered."

 Brandon Espiritu picking up a pair of Skechers D'Lites

A few months later, Espiritu completed a photoshoot with one of Hawaii's youngest photography talents, Quy Pham. During the shoot, Espiritu was wearing a tactical vest, black chinos, and his Skechers D'Lites. 

Brandon Espiritu photographed by Quy Pham

It was the day after posting the photos from his shoot that Espiritu woke up to a comment from the official Skechers Instagram account saying, "Love it". 

"I dropped my hot coffee all over my APC tee, but I didn't care because my life was complete. When I thought that was the last of it, I get a DM. I open it up and I spill my coffee again. It's Skechers telling me to email them so they could send me shoes!" 

After going back and forth through email, the Skechers team sent Espiritu a contract that implied something much bigger than a pair of free shoes. It was to secure a sponsorship with Skechers! One that Espiritu had promised himself months back that he'd get. 

This was huge for Espiritu, especially being a kid who grew up on a small island to now being sponsored by the third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States. More pairs came in the mail and more shoots were done, showcasing how you can style a pair of Skechers. 

Photo by Quy Pham

Photo by Quy Pham

Photo by Quy Pham

Photo by Matty Leong

Photo by Matty Leong

"I spoke my desires into existence, believed that it was achievable, worked to achieve it, and the universe showed up at my doorstep. I said I'd be sponsored by Skechers, and I can now say that I am. This is just the start of something big. Follow your dreams. They're real." 

Photos Shot by Quy Pham & Matty Leong

Photos Edited by Brandon Espiritu

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