Austin Crisostomo

February 11, 2018 Ana Vuki


Each month, we're featuring a different guest artist to give us their take on the UNO logo, and we're sharing it across all our platforms. If you'd like to be a featured artist for our design takeover, send us a DM on Instagram @unomagazineguam. 


UNO logo by Austin Crisostomo

This month we're collaborating with another local artist in our UNO Logo Takeover series. The island foliage aesthetic was designed by 23 year-old Austin Crisostomo of Ipan. Austin is a local boy who is balancing working as a graphic designer and pursuing his Marketing degree at the University of Guam. 

He was drawn to art out of curiosity. "I first started experimenting with digital graphics when I was just 5 years old on Windows Powerpoint 98." Today, Austin challenges himself to become more creative and innovative each day with his art.

He is inspired by his family, girlfriend, and God who is his ultimate source of inspiration.

Follow Austin on IG: @auscrisos



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