April 3, 2018 Ryan Jesus

671STUDIOS has just released their debut collection. This clean and minimalistic drop includes their "AC" tees and their "LOGOS" crewneck sweatshirts. They also released a few lifestyle accessories to accompany the apparel, including their "DOLLAR BAG" fanny pack, their "WATER BOY" beach ball, and my personal favorite, their "WYWB" beer coozie. 

Look book shot by David Sakazaki

There was very little we knew regarding the origins of 671STUDIOS before this release. Thankfully they included a little biography describing the brand and what it is they stand for.

"671STUDIOS is more than just clothes. We are Guam nostalgia. We are the hot box sessions in the mall parking lot. We are the 100 showers you take to keep from a heat stroke. We are Sunday church with the family. We are backyard basketball. We are beer pong at the beach. We are the wind in your hair and the breeze in the air. We are clear skies with a chance of heavy rain. We are good f*cking food. We are open arms and fun spirits, until you look at our chick. We are the clean up crew after the party. We are you. We are Guam. This is culture spelled with 3 numbers. Come in. But first, take your shoes off." 

There is much to look forward to with 671STUDIOS. This first collection is definitely cool at the same time, not taking itself too seriously. It is definitely a different way of representing Guam nostalgia, which is great! At the same time, the brand definitely has an international appeal to it, which could potentially bring people from around the world to learn more about what our little island has to offer. 

You can shop the debut collection here.

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